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Peace Pagoda (under construction)

CONTRIBUTIONS ARE MOST WELCOME:  At first in Bangladesh, we are going to establish the Peace Pagoda Analyo by the help of local laities and Thai laities that would be the one of the glorious architectural and Dhammic sites in Bangladesh. This project is under construction now.  In front of Peace Pagoda Analyo, a 30 feet height Buddha… Read More »

Baraigaon Kanakchetiya Vihara

Founder: Sangharaj Ven. Jyotipal Mahathero. It is the first Buddhist temple established by Ven. Mahathero in Comilla district. He built this temple himself with some labour and without an engineer. Three monks and forty novices(samanera) are residing here. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of the Kingdom of Thailand has graciously presented His Majesty’s Kathin Robes to the… Read More »

Sangharaj Jyotipal Museum

Sangharaj Jyotipal Mahathero Museum is established in 2002. There is a small museum in the hall and it is under construction. Many antique and usable things of venerable Bhante are stored here. Books and awards are stocked up.

New Salban Vihara

MAP The place now called Comilla, once known as Samatat, which creates Ven. Shilabhadra Bhikkhu (585-654) who was one of the teachers of Hiuan Tsang (Xuan Zang), the renowned Chinese Bhikkhu and traveler. Ven. Shilabhadra Bhikkhu was the first Bangali Principle in Nalanda Vihara (University), which is located in present Bihar, India. The ruins of… Read More »

Jyotipal Mahathero Buddhist High School

Jyotipal Mahathero Buddhist Orphanage High School Click here: Students/Samaner from our school to Thailand Baraigaon Kanakchetiya Buddhist Temple, Baraigaon, Laksam, Comilla, Bangladesh. Jyotipal Mahathero Buddhist Orphanage High School – founded in 1992. To provide high school education to residential orphans as well as poor boys of local communities, the foundation at first started a junior high school with… Read More »

Jyotipal Mahathero Buddhist Orphanage

The Orphanage was established in 1942 as one of the components of the Kanakchetiya Vihara Complex at Baraigaon by His Holiness Sangharaj Jyotipal Mahathero (The Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh). Now the Orphanage became the main organisation and turned into a foundation consisting of different welfare institutions like Boys High School, Girls High School, Primary School,… Read More »